Subject: Re: Nästa FOSS-Sthlm

Re: Nästa FOSS-Sthlm

From: Johan P1ersson <>
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2016 09:04:21 +0100

On 29/10/16 11:09, wrote:
> Agreed. Let the speakers use whatever language they feel comfortable
> with (well, probably limited to English or "Scandinavian" for now).
> *And* make it clear in the meeting announcements which talks will be
> in which language.

Sounds like a "sound" approach.

I work in an mixed environment, mostly english is used day-to-day. It is
refreshing to hear the ol'mothertongoue.

And, thank you for the last meeting: ÅF, speakers and all you who made
it happen.

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